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XTI Aircraft, a pioneering company in the field of vertical take-off and landing aircraft, turned to Archetype3D to address a pressing need for the repair and enhancement of their remarkable trade show and demonstration model. This project called for a unique set of skills possessed only by experienced model makers like us.

The first step involved carefully removing the aircraft from its temporary display at the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum. Our team then transported it back to our shop in Denver, where we embarked on the comprehensive restoration process. The project encompassed multiple body repairs to address any damage, electrical rewiring to ensure optimal functionality, extensive reworking of the base, and a meticulous full paint job. The sheer size of the model, measuring over 12 inches, presented an additional challenge, but one that our skilled team was well-equipped to handle. To ensure safe transportation, we also designed and fabricated a custom travel crate to protect the model during its global demonstrations.

The end result was a model that looked almost new, ready to be shipped and showcased to audiences around the world. XTI Aircraft could confidently present their groundbreaking vertical take-off and landing prototype with a fully restored and visually striking model.

At Archetype3D, we understand the importance of precision, attention to detail, and meeting the unique needs of our clients. Our expertise in model making, combined with our commitment to delivering exceptional quality, allows us to fulfill even the most demanding requirements.

Contact us today for all your model needs. Whether you require repairs, enhancements, or entirely new models, our team is ready to collaborate with you. Together, we can bring your vision to life and ensure your models captivate audiences, spark curiosity, and effectively communicate your innovations to the world.


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