architectural Development Model, wood, Denver riverfront park

Architectural Development Model Wood Denver Riverfront Park

Beautiful architectural  model of the Denver Riverfront Park beautiful model done in wood. Sometimes you just need something to really stand out in your marketing center. A stylistic version of your property is both dramatic and useful.  We have built many models for  East West Partners over the years. Each highly detailed and precise model was made made using different materials with many lighting effects.  This particular model was the first one done in wood.  It was also very  precise, but it also had a special presentation and style element.  We used many different types of wood surfaces and many layers of etched patterns. 

This model highlights the building that East West developed and keeps the surrounding buildings in a neutral color with less detail.  Wood is a very welcoming and organic material that – if done right – can be a very effective marketing tool.

Client: East West Partners

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Denver, Colorado


3′ X 5′


1″ = 50′

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