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At Archetype3D, we specialize in crafting extraordinary topographic models that bring landscapes to life. Our latest achievement was the completion and delivery of a breathtaking 3D topography model for an exclusive ski and golf resort club in Big Sky, Montana. This remarkable project showcased two prominent developments by the Big Sky Real Estate Company: Spanish Peaks and Moonlight Basin.

The photos displayed on this page offer a glimpse into the completed model, which was meticulously designed and built to capture the essence of the breathtaking natural surroundings. To enhance the presentation, we also crafted a custom-made table, creating a visually stunning display that complements the model’s intricate details.

As part of the sales center, potential clients have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the impressive display while gazing out the window at the majestic Big Sky mountain peak. The topography model serves as a powerful tool, providing a tangible representation of the envisioned developments and allowing potential buyers to visualize the unparalleled beauty and potential of the resort.

Mike Adams, the Director of Sales and Marketing at the Big Sky Real Estate Company, expressed his satisfaction with our work, stating, “Your team created a spectacular topography model for our company. The detail, the color, the stand – all exceeded our expectations. We are thrilled with every aspect of dealing with you and your company. Thank you so much.

At Archetype3D, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results and exceeding client expectations. We understand the significance of capturing the intricate details of a landscape and translating them into a tangible model that evokes awe and inspiration. Our team of experts meticulously works to ensure every aspect of the model reflects the vision and beauty of the natural surroundings.

If you have a project that requires an extraordinary topographic model, we invite you to contact us today. Let us collaborate with you to create a remarkable showcase that will leave a lasting impression on potential clients and convey the true essence of your development.


Big Sky, Montana


6′ X 11′


1″ =400′


Michael Steinkoenig

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