Industrial Model, Data Center

Industrial Model, Data Center

INDUSTRIAL MODEL, DATA CENTER https://youtu.be/mkki_pdv6XQ This model showed both the architectural and engineering aspects of the company campus. This model highlights key elements during tours of the highly sensitive and high-security facility. The property houses secure computer servers.  The wiring around all the roofs is actually a continuous lighting rod mitigate any hint of an […]

Military Topography Model, Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA)

Military Topography Model Joint Base San Antonio

MILITARY TOPOGRAPHY MODEL, JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO (JBSA) New Showcase  Scale Models for Parade Grounds and Aircraft Museum The Urban Collective approached us to design and build a model for their Lackland AFB clients. The project included two highly detailed models of the proposed new parade ground and museum area at the Joint Base San Antonio. The […]

Are Completed Drawings Needed for Your Model Project?

Lakehouse Architectural Model

ARE COMPLETED DRAWINGS NEEDED FOR YOUR MODEL PROJECT? The simple answer to a very common question is “NO”, you do not have to have completed drawings for us to bid your project. In fact, it is always best to get your model maker involved as early as possible, even in the initial drawing phase of […]

Scale Model Uses and Types

Scale Model Uses and Types

SCALE MODEL USES AND TYPES What is your model going to be used for?  Knowing the use of the model helps us visualize the final product while we are discussing the details. Often times we can produce a cost saving, simpler model and still get the needed points across.  We need to know who the […]

Model Repair, Refurbish and Service

Model Repair and Refurbish Service

MODEL REPAIR, REFURBISH AND SERVICE A model of any type is a significant investment. Your model will undoubtedly go through some abuse through the years, and we can certainly help in returning the condition closer to its original state. We did just this at the  Mueller State Park Visitor Center. The center needed a relatively […]

The Value of a Physical 3D Scale Model

Physical 3d Scale Model

THE VALUE OF A, PHYSICAL 3D SCALE MODEL Physical 3D scale models are still the most powerful sales and educational tool available. We all like to see objects in person. Think of a museum. A virtual tour of the exhibits is interesting and informational, but there is no substitute for an in-person visit. Physical 3d […]

Architectural Model, Partners Group

Architectural Model

ARCHITECTURAL MODEL, PARTNERS GROUP Architectural Concept Display Model for Upcoming Development Archetype3D designed and fabricate the model for display in Partners Group beautiful new office space north of Denver. We presented the model site with a summer scene and appropriate landscaping, trees, cars, and figures showing activities. All landscape, hard-scape, and roads were consistent with […]

Topography Model, Michigan Guard

Topography Model

TOPOGRAPHY MODEL, MICHIGAN GUARD Topography Models for the Michigan National Guard and Exercise Northern Strike Archetype3D was commissioned by the Michigan National Guard to build 2 very large, 8′ x 8′, topography models for its annual training exercised, Exercise Northern Strike. One of the models depicted the entire state of Michigan, the lake, and portions  the […]

How much does a model cost?

3D Architectural Scale Model

HOW MUCH DOES A MODEL COST? The short answer- the cost can vary greatly. Model cost is determined almost exclusively by the estimated time it takes to build design and build the project. Material cost is a factor, but almost always a fraction of the man-hour cost. Level of detail and complexity is much more […]

Real Estate Development Model, Aurora Highlands

Real Estate and Topography Model

REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT MODEL, AURORA HIGHLANDS Aurora Highlands Master Planned Mixed Use Community Development Model Archetype3D designed and fabricated this large (8’x8′) topography model for the Aurora Highlands  to include: 1.Complete and accurate topography of the property; 2. Detailed Phase 1 depiction; 3. All property roads; 4. All property parks/amenities and the creek; 5. Urban […]

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