Real Estate Development Model, Central Park (formerly Stapleton)

Topographical and Real Estate Development Model

REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT MODEL, CENTRAL PARK (FORMERLY STAPLETON) Archetype3D has played a pivotal role in the remarkable re-purposing of Denver’s old airport into the thriving Central Park (formerly Stapleton) real estate development. Even before the first home was constructed, we envisioned and constructed a large-scale model that became the centerpiece of the sales center, offering […]

Architectural Model, St Paul Missionary Baptist Church

Architectural Model Maker

ARCHITECTURAL MODEL, ST PAUL MISSIONARY BAPTIST Archetype3D was honored to collaborate with ARCHCON on an architecture model for the planned senior housing project at St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church. The objective was to create a straightforward replication of the project that would effectively convey its essence to the church community. Our focus was on striking […]

Real Estate Development Model, Master Plan for Downtown Denver

Topographical and Real Estate Development Model

architectural Development Model, wood, Denver riverfront park This project is a master plan topography model of downtown Denver. The project is an incredibly detailed display of the vision for the city’s ongoing re-development. The model displays at East West’s central office. The model is not only beneficial to East West’s construction project, but it also […]

Resort Development Model, Concours Race Club, Florida

Resort Development Model

RESORT DEVELOPMENT MODEL, CONCOURS RACE CLUB Archetype3D proudly presents the stunning 3D architectural model created for the Concours Club, showcased in their exquisite sales center. The Concours Club is a truly exclusive motorsport driving experience, offering its discerning members an unparalleled level of elegance and world-class amenities within a breathtaking resort setting. Set to open […]

Museum Topography Model, St Charles Heritage Museum

Museum Topography Model

Museum Topography Model, St Charles Heritage Museum Archetype3D is renowned for its expertise in creating topographical models that accurately depict historical landscapes. Our collaboration with the Heritage Museum involved the construction of a captivating topographical model that combined real-world elevation data with historical imaging. The model was meticulously built to scale, ensuring an accurate representation […]

Golf Course Scale Model, Cornerstone

Golf Course Scale Model

GOLF COURSE SCALE MODEL, CORNERSTONE Archetype3D is your trusted partner in bringing your golf course design to life, even before the actual development is complete. Our expertise lies in designing and building exquisite 3D physical scale models that showcase the beauty and intricacies of your golf course vision. Imagine having a tangible representation of your […]

Industrial Model, CWMF

Industrial Scale Model CWMF

INDUSTRIAL SCALE MODEL, CWMF https://youtu.be/zNDf8NZmqz0 With a legacy spanning over three decades, CWMF Corporation has established itself as a trusted provider of portable and stationary asphalt plant equipment, parts, and service. Their unwavering commitment to optimizing plant performance and achieving peak efficiency has made them a go-to partner in the industry. Recognizing the need to […]

Museum Exhibit Model, Mt St Helens, Yakima, WA

Museum Exhibit Models

MUSEUM EXHIBIT MODEL, MT ST HELENS At Archetype3D, we had the privilege of undertaking a remarkable project for the Yakima Valley Museum in Washington state. Our team meticulously crafted a highly detailed and accurate topography model that showcases the awe-inspiring Mount St. Helens and its surrounding area. Using precise elevation data, we produced a 3D […]

Real Estate Topography Model, Big Sky, MT

Real Estate and Topography Model

REAL ESTATE TOPOGRAPHY MODEL, BIG SKY At Archetype3D, we specialize in crafting extraordinary topographic models that bring landscapes to life. Our latest achievement was the completion and delivery of a breathtaking 3D topography model for an exclusive ski and golf resort club in Big Sky, Montana. This remarkable project showcased two prominent developments by the […]

Real Estate Development Model, Daybreak

Real Estate Development Model Daybreak

REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT MODEL, DAYBREAK At Archetype3D, we take immense pride in our expertise in creating stunning real estate development models. Recently, we had the privilege of working with Daybreak Communities to bring their upcoming phase building lot releases to life through a captivating model. Daybreak, located south of Salt Lake City, is a master-planned […]

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