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Topographical and Real Estate Development Model

Archetype3D takes great pride in its involvement with the master plan topography model of downtown Denver, showcasing the remarkable vision for the city’s ongoing redevelopment. This highly detailed display serves as a focal point at East West’s central office, not only benefiting their construction project but also serving as a valuable tool for city planners. The model has garnered attention from developers and planners nationwide, capturing their imaginations and inspiring discussions about future possibilities.

Planning models like this one are a powerful means of engaging potential investors, offering a compelling vision of what the future holds long before any projects take shape. By providing a tangible representation of the master plan, the model stimulates enthusiasm and generates interest among stakeholders, demonstrating the immense potential and transformative impact of the redevelopment endeavor.

A high-quality, well-designed, and accurate scale model serves as a captivating centerpiece for real estate developers and city planners alike. Its presence conveys a sense of professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to the realization of a visionary urban landscape. The model becomes an essential tool for presenting concepts, fostering discussions, and aligning stakeholders’ interests toward a shared vision.

East West Partners, the client for this project, recognized the immense value of a meticulously crafted scale model in conveying their master plan and engaging stakeholders. Archetype3D’s expertise in architectural modeling ensured that every aspect of the model accurately represented the future landscape of downtown Denver. The attention to detail and commitment to precision have contributed to the model’s success in attracting attention and facilitating meaningful conversations.

If you are embarking on a real estate development project or involved in city planning, Archetype3D is ready to collaborate with you to create a scale model that showcases your vision, captivates your audience, and facilitates effective communication. Contact us today to discuss your project and explore the possibilities of bringing your plans to life through a visually stunning and informative scale model.

Partner with Archetype3D and let us transform your vision into a tangible reality, igniting excitement and driving the success of your real estate development or urban planning efforts.


Denver, Colorado


8′ X 10′


1″ = 50′

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