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Industrial Campus Site Model

PAI Industries approached us to design and build a model of their new campus construction. The model is a show piece, displayed for both clients and employees. 

PAI Industries manufactures and distributes quality service parts to the heavy-duty truck industry. For over 40 years we’ve been supplying distributors throughout the world. PAI’s commitment to its customers is evidenced by maintaining the highest levels of quality for the products and services we provide.

At Archetype3D, we are excited to showcase our work on the PAI project—an industrial site model that captures the essence of this ambitious endeavor. Our team collaborated closely with the project’s stakeholders to create a highly detailed and accurate industrial site model that showcases the planned facilities and infrastructure.

The PAI industrial site model serves as a valuable tool for engineers, project managers, and investors to visualize and understand the site’s layout, logistics, and potential. It provides a comprehensive representation of the industrial complex, highlighting key elements and facilitating informed decision-making.

Detailed Site Representation

Our industrial site model accurately depicts the topography, land contours, and existing structures of the PAI site. It offers a bird’s-eye view of the complex, allowing stakeholders to grasp the layout and spatial relationships between different buildings, roadways, storage areas, and utilities.

Facility Visualization

The model showcases the planned facilities within the PAI industrial complex. It provides a three-dimensional representation of the buildings, production areas, warehouses, and administrative spaces, allowing stakeholders to visualize the functional layout and the flow of operations.

Infrastructure and Logistics

We have meticulously incorporated the planned infrastructure elements, such as roads, loading docks, and utility connections, into the PAI industrial site model. The model effectively communicates the logistical considerations, illustrating how materials, products, and resources will move within the site.

Our PAI industrial site model serves several crucial purposes throughout the project development process. It facilitates effective communication and collaboration among engineers, project managers, and investors, enabling them to discuss design elements, assess feasibility, and optimize the site’s layout.

Additionally, the model assists in evaluating and refining logistics and operations. Stakeholders can analyze the placement of buildings, transportation routes, and storage areas, identifying potential bottlenecks or inefficiencies and making necessary adjustments.

Moreover, the PAI industrial site model serves as a powerful marketing and presentation tool. Its realistic and immersive representation captures the attention of potential partners, clients, and investors. It effectively conveys the project’s scale, capabilities, and potential, helping to generate interest and support.

At Archetype3D, we take pride in our ability to create highly detailed and visually captivating industrial site models. Our collaboration on the PAI project exemplifies our dedication to bringing industrial visions to life and creating models that effectively communicate the layout, functionality, and potential of complex projects.

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Suwanee, Georgia


4′ X 4′


1″ = 60′


Evan Coyle

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