Industrial Model, Data Center

This model showed both the architectural and engineering aspects of the company campus. This model highlights key elements during tours of the highly sensitive and high-security facility. The property houses secure computer servers.  The wiring around all the roofs is actually a continuous lighting rod mitigate any hint of an electrical surge.

Numerous lighting events show off the data streams, the server locations, and the internal computer systems. The main center roof section rises up to show the lower level systems. External underground fuel tanks also light up to demonstrate their independence to the grid. We created custom lighting systems to accomplish the client requirements.

Explore the intricacies of a cutting-edge data center facility through our meticulously crafted architectural model. Designed to provide an accurate representation of modern data centers, this industrial model showcases the technological advancements, scalable infrastructure, and robust design principles that define these critical facilities.

Comprehensive Visualization: Take an immersive journey through our data center model to discover the seamless integration of hardware, networking equipment, cooling systems, and power management solutions. Every detail has been meticulously recreated to offer a comprehensive visualization of a fully functional data center environment.

Efficiency and Scalability: Within the model, you will witness the emphasis on efficiency and scalability. Experience how the layout optimizes space utilization, implements energy-efficient solutions, and allows for seamless expansion to accommodate the evolving demands of data processing and storage.

Security and Redundancy: Security is paramount in data centers, and our model exemplifies the multi-layered physical and digital security measures in place to safeguard critical data. Explore the access controls, surveillance systems, redundant power supplies, and backup generators that ensure robust security and uninterrupted operation.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Delve into the world of advanced data center technology embodied within the model. Marvel at the intricacies of server racks, fiber-optic connectivity, intelligent cooling infrastructure, and state-of-the-art management systems that enable optimal performance, reliability, and remote monitoring capabilities.

Real-world Applications: Our industrial model serves as a valuable tool for architects, operators, and clients involved in data center projects. It facilitates effective communication of design concepts, aids in infrastructure planning, and enables stakeholders to visualize the layout and functionality of the data center before construction begins.

Tailored Solutions: At Architype3D®, we understand the unique requirements of each data center project. Our team of experts works closely with clients to create custom models that accurately reflect their specific needs. From scale and layout to equipment and features, our models are tailored to bring your data center vision to life.

Immerse Yourself: Step into the world of data centers through our architectural model. Experience the power, precision, and innovation that drive these vital facilities. Gain a deeper appreciation for the complexity and sophistication of modern data center infrastructure.

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Kansas City, Missouri


76″ X 55″


1″ =16′


Bryan Beard

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