With a legacy spanning over three decades, CWMF Corporation has established itself as a trusted provider of portable and stationary asphalt plant equipment, parts, and service. Their unwavering commitment to optimizing plant performance and achieving peak efficiency has made them a go-to partner in the industry.

Recognizing the need to effectively showcase their innovative solutions at trade shows and events, CWMF Corporation engaged Archetype3D to create a captivating traveling model. The primary objective was to demonstrate the fundamental functions and capabilities of their renowned portable silo system.

At Archetype3D, we relished the opportunity to bring CWMF Corporation’s vision to life through a meticulously crafted scale model. Our skilled team collaborated closely with the client, leveraging our expertise in industrial modeling to accurately represent the intricate details and functionality of the portable silo system. The result was a dynamic and visually striking model that effortlessly communicated the value and efficiency of CWMF Corporation’s offerings.

The traveling trade show model serves as a powerful tool in CWMF Corporation’s marketing arsenal, allowing them to engage with potential customers on a deeper level. It effectively showcases the key features and benefits of their portable silo system, enabling attendees to gain firsthand insight into its performance and functionality. The interactive nature of the model facilitates meaningful conversations and fosters a deeper understanding of CWMF Corporation’s expertise in optimizing asphalt plant operations.

Whether you’re seeking to demonstrate complex industrial equipment or showcase the capabilities of your unique product line, Archetype3D is here to transform your vision into a tangible and captivating reality. With our extensive experience in industrial modeling and a commitment to precision and innovation, we excel in creating scale models that leave a lasting impression.

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Waite Park, Minnesota


3.5’L X 1.0’W X 2.5’H


1 : 20


Bryan Beard

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