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Industrial and Architectural Model


At Archetype3D, we specialize in designing and constructing exceptional scale models that push the boundaries of creativity and precision. One of our notable projects involved collaborating with Sunpower Corporation to create two scale models of their innovative solar power parking structures.

These scale models were carefully designed to be assembled and disassembled on-site, allowing for ease of transportation and ensuring the utmost security during travel to trade shows and exhibitions. Our team spared no effort in capturing the essence of Sunpower Corporation’s vision by creating accurate depictions of the real-world materials used in their solar power parking structures.

Utilizing a combination of cutting-edge techniques including 3D printing, laser cutting/etching, and meticulous painting, we brought these models to life with remarkable attention to detail. The result was a captivating representation that showcased every aspect of the parking structures with remarkable accuracy.

The scale models featured a wood-trimmed base, meticulously designed parking lots complete with detailed lines, and a roof support structure that included an inverter box. The highly detailed solar panels, coupled with carefully placed LED lighting, added an extra layer of authenticity and visual impact to the models.

These meticulously crafted scale models served as powerful marketing tools for Sunpower Corporation, enabling them to effectively showcase the unique features and benefits of their solar power parking structures to trade show attendees and potential clients. The level of detail and realism achieved in these models left a lasting impression, conveying the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

At Archetype3D, we understand the importance of capturing the essence and intricacies of industrial and architectural designs. Our expertise in utilizing advanced technologies and our unwavering dedication to precision ensure that our scale models deliver an immersive and informative experience.

Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how Archetype3D can help you bring your industrial and architectural designs to life with extraordinary scale models. Together, we can create a tangible representation that captivates audiences and elevates your brand’s presence in the industry.


Richmond, CA


30″ X 20″ X 20″


1  : 24


Bryan Beard

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