3D Architectural Scale Model

The short answer- the cost can vary greatly.

Model cost is determined almost exclusively by the estimated time it takes to build design and build the project. Material cost is a factor, but almost always a fraction of the man-hour cost. Level of detail and complexity is much more of a factor in cost than physical size of the model.

Archetype3D is capable of building a 3D architectural scale model of any type, size or complextiy for just about any need- architecture, topography, engineering, trade shows or prototypes. 

After a discussion with a client, it is possible to give a cost range estimate, and once we see your sketches, we can narrow down the costs much more accurately based on our many years of experience building similar models. With an understanding of size, scale, and detail, along with your drawings, we can get an estimate and a firm fixed price within a few days.

Here are some general cost ranges based on on our years’ of experience.

●  A very simple model, something with limited detail and color, starts around $5000.

●  A prototype model can vary greatly, again depending on level of details, starting around $5000 for the most basic concept.

●  Mass models of a building or multiple buildings with topography, roads, and landscaping run $10000 and up depending on size and level detail.

●  A detailed topography model without buildings starts around $10000.

●  A single building in 1/8″ scale with full detail, landscaping and site work can run $20000 and up depending on size level of detail.

●  Very large developments with full topography, buildings, golf courses, ski mountains, etc, can vary widely in price. We have done incredibly detailed models, sized upward of 6 by 10 feet, that have cost over $100000.

Our pricing is based on the time it takes to build and assemble all the layers of detail that your project requires. If you have a budget established, we can determine what we can within that budget. Even the simplest model we prodcue is a product that you would be proud to display to the public and your clients.

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