City Park Golf Course

Golf Course Model

custom replica model, city park golf course   At Archetype3D, our passion for Denver led us to embark on an exciting project that showcases our expertise in creating custom replica models. Using our new drone technology, we conducted a precise aerial flight over the City Park Golf Course, gathering highly accurate elevation data. The result […]

Does A3D Models Do 3D Printing?

3d Printing Scale Models

DOES A3D MODELS DO 3D PRINTING? The short answer is ‘yes.’ At Archetype3D, we offer a wide range of services when it comes to designing and building scale models, and 3D printing is one of the tools we utilize to bring our projects to life. While 3D printing plays an integral role in our model-making […]

What Is a Model Making Company?

Model Making Company

WHAT IS A MODEL MAKING COMPANY? Excited to have the folks at Company Week do a feature on us! Here it is: A3D Models Feature Welcome to Archetype3D, a leading model making company specializing in creating high-quality, precise, and visually appealing models for various industries. In this article, we will explore the significance of model […]

Do you ship models anywhere? Is it safe to ship?

 Ship Models

DO YOU SHIP MODELS ANYWHERE? IS IT SAFE TO SHIP? Yes to both! We can ship safely and securely anywhere in the world. Shipments are fully insured, ensuring a delivered model in perfect shape. There are even some occasions where we personally deliver and assemble the models to your site! At Architype3D®, we take great […]

Are Completed Drawings Needed for Your Model Project?

Lakehouse Architectural Model

ARE COMPLETED DRAWINGS NEEDED FOR YOUR MODEL PROJECT? The simple answer to a very common question is “NO”, you do not have to have completed drawings for us to bid your project. In fact, it is always best to get your model maker involved as early as possible, even in the initial drawing phase of […]

Scale Model Uses and Types

Scale Model Uses and Types

SCALE MODEL USES AND TYPES What is your model going to be used for?  Knowing the use of the model helps us visualize the final product while we are discussing the details. Often times we can produce a cost saving, simpler model and still get the needed points across.  We need to know who the […]

Model Repair, Refurbish and Service

Model Repair and Refurbish Service

MODEL REPAIR, REFURBISH AND SERVICE A model of any type is a significant investment. Your model will undoubtedly go through some abuse through the years, and we can certainly help in returning the condition closer to its original state. We did just this at the  Mueller State Park Visitor Center. The center needed a relatively […]

The Value of a Physical 3D Scale Model

Physical 3d Scale Model

THE VALUE OF A, PHYSICAL 3D SCALE MODEL Physical 3D scale models are still the most powerful sales and educational tool available. We all like to see objects in person. Think of a museum. A virtual tour of the exhibits is interesting and informational, but there is no substitute for an in-person visit. Physical 3d […]

How much does a model cost?

3D Architectural Scale Model

HOW MUCH DOES A MODEL COST? The short answer- the cost can vary greatly. Model cost is determined almost exclusively by the estimated time it takes to build design and build the project. Material cost is a factor, but almost always a fraction of the man-hour cost. Level of detail and complexity is much more […]

Estimating Production Time for Your Model

Scale Model Production Process

The Scale Model production process We are your partners in this venture and great communication is paramount to the success of the project. An accurate timeline will clearly delineate expectations. We promise to give you regular, accurate and transparent information on the progress of your project. We will post images when appropriate for all your […]

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