Industrial Model, MagTraC Scientific Drilling

industrial and engineering model

engineering model, magtrac scientific drilling Scientific Drilling needed to demonstrate their complex oil drilling system. Archetype3D was hired to design and build a display model to demonstrate this system. The challenge was how to represent radio waves travelling from an underground drill bit to a receiving tower. We were able to take basic drawings from engineers […]

Industrial Engineering Model, Water Filtration System for Trade Show, Vortisand

Industrial Model

INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING & TRADE SHOW MODEL, VORTISAND Vortisand® – Evoqua Water Technologies approached us to design and build an interactive scale model of their proprietary water filtration system. The model demonstrated the basic functions of the industrial system. Vortisand® also required the model be designed for safe transport to multiple sites. We built a custom case […]

Simple Scale Model, Retirement Gift

military industrial model

SIMPLE REPLICA SCALE MODEL, COBRA DANE Cobra Dane, Eareckson Air Station, Alaska Not all models need be complex to still present an accurate representation of the real thing. Archetype3D was hired to build two replica models of the Cobra Dane radar facility in Alaska. We used available images and a customer 3d file to design […]

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