Architectural Model Denver 999

Architectural Model 999 Shea Properties

architectural model, 999 Shea Properties   Archetype3D enthusiastically collaborated with Shea Properties to create a dynamic scale model that effectively showcased their new project to a large group of real estate brokers. The primary objective was to generate excitement and engagement within the broker community, allowing them to envision the potential of the space and secure leased […]

Industrial Model, MagTraC Scientific Drilling

industrial and engineering model

engineering model, magtrac scientific drilling Scientific Drilling needed to demonstrate their complex oil drilling system. Archetype3D was hired to design and build a display model to demonstrate this system. The challenge was how to represent radio waves travelling from an underground drill bit to a receiving tower. We were able to take basic drawings from engineers […]

Simple Scale Model, Retirement Gift

military industrial model

SIMPLE REPLICA SCALE MODEL, COBRA DANE Cobra Dane, Eareckson Air Station, Alaska Not all models need be complex to still present an accurate representation of the real thing. Archetype3D was hired to build two replica models of the Cobra Dane radar facility in Alaska. We used available images and a customer 3d file to design […]

Does A3D Models Do 3D Printing?

3d Printing Scale Models

DOES A3D MODELS DO 3D PRINTING? The short answer is ‘yes.’ At Archetype3D, we offer a wide range of services when it comes to designing and building scale models, and 3D printing is one of the tools we utilize to bring our projects to life. While 3D printing plays an integral role in our model-making […]

Real Estate Development Model, Aurora Highlands

Real Estate and Topography Model

REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT MODEL, AURORA HIGHLANDS Aurora Highlands Master Planned Mixed Use Community Development Model Archetype3D designed and fabricated this large (8’x8′) topography model for the Aurora Highlands  to include: 1.Complete and accurate topography of the property; 2. Detailed Phase 1 depiction; 3. All property roads; 4. All property parks/amenities and the creek; 5. Urban […]

Do you ship models anywhere? Is it safe to ship?

 Ship Models

DO YOU SHIP MODELS ANYWHERE? IS IT SAFE TO SHIP? Yes to both! We can ship safely and securely anywhere in the world. Shipments are fully insured, ensuring a delivered model in perfect shape. There are even some occasions where we personally deliver and assemble the models to your site! At Architype3D®, we take great […]

Topography Model, Michigan Guard

Topography Model

TOPOGRAPHY MODEL, MICHIGAN GUARD Topography Models for the Michigan National Guard and Exercise Northern Strike Archetype3D was commissioned by the Michigan National Guard to build 2 very large, 8′ x 8′, topography models for its annual training exercised, Exercise Northern Strike. One of the models depicted the entire state of Michigan, the lake, and portions  the […]

Architectural Model, Partners Group

Architectural Model

ARCHITECTURAL MODEL, PARTNERS GROUP Architectural Concept Display Model for Upcoming Development Archetype3D designed and fabricate the model for display in Partners Group beautiful new office space north of Denver. We presented the model site with a summer scene and appropriate landscaping, trees, cars, and figures showing activities. All landscape, hard-scape, and roads were consistent with […]

Industrial Site Model, PAI

Industrial Site Model Pai

INDUSTRIAL SITE MODEL, PAI Industrial Campus Site Model PAI Industries approached us to design and build a model of their new campus construction. The model is a show piece, displayed for both clients and employees.  PAI Industries manufactures and distributes quality service parts to the heavy-duty truck industry. For over 40 years we’ve been supplying […]

Architectural Model, St Paul Missionary Baptist Church

Architectural Model Maker

ARCHITECTURAL MODEL, ST PAUL MISSIONARY BAPTIST Archetype3D was honored to collaborate with ARCHCON on an architecture model for the planned senior housing project at St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church. The objective was to create a straightforward replication of the project that would effectively convey its essence to the church community. Our focus was on striking […]

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