Museum Exhibit Model, Mt St Helens, Yakima, WA

Museum Exhibit Models

MUSEUM EXHIBIT MODEL, MT ST HELENS This project was a highly detailed and accurate topography model completed for the Yakima Valley Museum in Washington state. Using accurate elevation data, we produced and a 3D file and cut the topography using a CNC machine. The grayscale effect was done using laser etching from satellite imagery. From […]

Wood Architectural Model, Denver Riverfront Park

Architectural Development Model Wood Denver Riverfront Park

architectural Development Model, wood, Denver riverfront park Beautiful architectural  model of the Denver Riverfront Park beautiful model done in wood. Sometimes you just need something to really stand out in your marketing center. A stylistic version of your property is both dramatic and useful.  We have built many models for  East West Partners over the […]

City Park Golf Course

Golf Course Model

custom replica model, city park golf course We love Denver and wanted to try out our new drone and build something unique.    We flew a drone flight over City Park Golf Course to gather very accurate elevation data. The result is a highly accurate topographical representation of the course.   Once we had the […]

USCG Training Model

Industrial Model

industrial model, united states coast guard training facility https://youtu.be/aKI3_cuX9WU The United States Coast Guard required one a scale model of a waterfront facility. The required waterfront facility model is used as atraining aid to support multiple training courses. These courses all receive instruction in the application of complex domestic and international laws andregulations. They are […]

Estimating Production Time for Your Model

Scale Model Production Process

The Scale Model production process We are your partners in this venture and great communication is paramount to the success of the project. An accurate timeline will clearly delineate expectations. We promise to give you regular, accurate and transparent information on the progress of your project. We will post images when appropriate for all your […]

Architectural Resort Model, Ko Olina

Architectural Resort Model

Architectural Resort Model, Ko Olina, Oahu The Marriott Company had several specific requirements for this interactive model of  the Ko Olina Resort. The entire building needed to light up with the push of a button. The sales person also needed to light up only the units of a certain price point and type of condo […]

Trade Show and Prototype Model, ATM

Trade Show And Prototype Model

trade show and prototype model model, carson group, atm   Archetype3D was hired by The Carson Group to design and build 3 highly detailed, accurate and properly scaled models of the Diebold-Nixdorf ATM. Each model was designed with interchangeable parts, showing the various options the actual ATM.  The size of each model was 18″ tall. Custom […]

Industrial & Architectural Model, Sunpower

Industrial and Architectural Model

industrial and architectural model, Sunpower Solar Archetype3D designed and built two scale solar poser parking structure models for Sunpower Corporation. Each was designed to be assembled/disassembled on-site to allow for ease and security in travel to trade shows. The models represented an accurate depiction of the real-world materials, using a  combination of 3d printing, laser cutting/etching and […]

Architectural Model, Cannabis Waste Technology

Architectural Model Cannabis Waste Technology

architectural model, micron waste technologies Micron Waste Technologies needed to demonstrate their proprietary cannabis waste system. Not all of our models are incredibly complex and detailed. There are times when the customer simply needs a professional and clean looking model to display their product and tell the story. This model was approximately 2 feet X […]

Architectural Model, Schnitzer West

Architectural Model Schnitzer West

architectural model, the current river north Schnitzer West wanted a showpiece for its mobile sales and marketing center. We designed and built an architectural model of the The Current, River North project in Denver. The focus of the model was the rooftop patios and amenities, really a spectacular setting. The entire design process was very fluid […]

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