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Custom Model for Client Proposal Presentation

There are times when clients approach Archetype3D seeking help in preparing presentation materials for an important proposal interview. In this case TreanorHL needed a model to explain how the new school design would look overlaid on the current property.

This was a relatively simple model. A flat base was designed containing parking and landscaping, fields, some cars and busses. The existing buildings were shown as graphic footprints on the base. Mass block buildings were made to peg in and out of the base. The interior courtyards in the various buildings were shown as landscaped. The buildings showed solid colors on the walls with no accent lines or textures.

At Archetype3D, we are proud to present our work on the Buena Vista project—a visionary architectural endeavor that aims to create a vibrant mixed-use community. Our team collaborated closely with the project’s architects and developers to bring this vision to life through a highly detailed architectural planning model. 

The Buena Vista architectural planning model serves as a powerful tool for stakeholders, investors, and potential residents to visualize and understand the project’s design, scale, and spatial relationships. It captures the essence of the development, from the site layout and topography to the architectural designs and landscaping elements. 

Detailed Site Representation: 

Our architectural planning model accurately represents the contours of the land, existing structures, and natural features of the Buena Vista site. It provides a holistic view of the development, allowing stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project’s context and potential. 

Architectural Design Visualization:

 The model showcases the architectural designs and structures that will be part of the Buena Vista community. It brings to life the buildings’ exteriors, facades, rooflines, and spatial configurations, allowing stakeholders to visualize the overall aesthetic and architectural character of the development.

Landscape and Amenities:

 We have meticulously incorporated the planned landscaping elements, parks, walkways, and recreational amenities into the Buena Vista model. The model vividly represents the lush green spaces, water features, and public gathering areas, creating an immersive experience that highlights the project’s commitment to creating an inviting and harmonious environment. 

Our Buena Vista architectural planning model serves several essential purposes throughout the design and development process. It facilitates effective communication among architects, developers, and clients, enabling them to discuss and refine design elements and address potential challenges. The model also plays a crucial role in decision-making, as stakeholders can assess the design from various angles and perspectives, making informed choices that lead to successful outcomes. 

Additionally, the Buena Vista model serves as a powerful marketing and presentation tool. Its captivating three-dimensional representation captures attention, evokes emotions, and conveys the project’s potential to potential buyers, investors, and the public. Whether used during presentations, sales events, or public consultations, the model fosters engagement and generates interest in the project. 

At Archetype3D, we take pride in our ability to create highly detailed and visually captivating architectural planning models. Our collaboration on the Buena Vista project exemplifies our dedication to bringing design visions to life and creating models that communicate the essence of a development. 

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Leadville, Colorado


26″ X 20″


1 : 50


Michael Steinkoenig

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