Architectural Model The Coloradan

Exclusive Downtown Denver Living Model

Archetype3D designed and built this highly detailed architectural model for East West Partners. We completed and delivered the dramatic 3D physical model to the property’s sales center. The model is a key element in the overall marketing plan and is a favorite tool of the both the staff and customers.

At Archetype3D, we are delighted to showcase our architectural model for The Coloradan—a prestigious residential development that epitomizes modern urban living. Our team collaborated closely with the project’s architects and developers to create a highly detailed and visually striking architectural model that accurately represents the essence of this iconic building.

The Coloradan architectural model serves as a powerful tool for potential buyers, investors, and stakeholders to envision and experience the project’s design, scale, and architectural details. It provides a tangible representation that allows viewers to immerse themselves in the concept and appreciate the beauty and functionality of the development.

Exquisite Architectural Detailing:

Our architectural model meticulously captures the intricate architectural details of The Coloradan. From the building’s exterior façade, distinctive features, and materials to the arrangement of balconies, windows, and entrances, the model showcases the exceptional craftsmanship and design elements that make The Coloradan a standout project.

Interior Visualization:

The model offers a glimpse into the interior spaces of The Coloradan, highlighting the elegant design, spatial layout, and luxurious amenities. It accurately represents the proportions of the rooms, the flow of living spaces, and the incorporation of natural light, providing a realistic impression of the living experience within the development.

Contextual Integration:

Our architectural model seamlessly integrates The Coloradan into its surrounding environment, showcasing its relationship with adjacent buildings, streetscapes, and urban context. The model accurately represents the site plan, landscaping elements, and public spaces, allowing viewers to understand how The Coloradan fits within the larger urban fabric.

The Coloradan architectural model serves as more than just a visual representation of the development—it is an invaluable tool for effective communication and decision-making. Potential buyers can explore and evaluate the design, scale, and layout, gaining a deeper understanding of the project and making informed choices. Developers and architects can utilize the model to fine-tune design elements, address potential challenges, and align the vision for the project.

Moreover, the architectural model serves as a captivating marketing and presentation tool. Its realistic representation captures attention, evokes emotions, and conveys the lifestyle and value proposition of The Coloradan to potential buyers and investors. Whether used at sales events, exhibitions, or presentations, the model effectively communicates the uniqueness and desirability of the development.

At Archetype3D, we take pride in our ability to create highly detailed and visually captivating architectural models. Our collaboration on The Coloradan project exemplifies our dedication to bringing design visions to life and creating models that showcase the essence of exceptional architectural developments.

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Denver, Colorado


30″ X 70″


1″ = 8′

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