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Architectural Model Cannabis Waste Technology

Micron Waste Technologies needed to demonstrate their proprietary cannabis waste system.

Not all of our models are incredibly complex and detailed. There are times when the customer simply needs a professional and clean looking model to display their product and tell the story.

This model was approximately 2 feet X 3 feet and was designed and fabricated to travel in a custom-built travel case (we proved the cases). The scene was a simplified version of a cannabis grow facility, showing how the Micron unit fits into the overall grow facility.

Some of the key design requirements:

  • Show grow operation from bird eye view 
  • Transparent roo so that the people can see inside the building and staff walking down walkways amongst rows of plants
  • Parking lot, cars parked, truck in receiving area 
  • Micron unit (C) with a worker walking cannabis waste towards the unit in a wheelbarrow

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Longmont, Colorado


24″ X 36″




Bryan Beard

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