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Model Makers at Archetype3D®  have been producing world class models for over three decades. Our talented staff  work with the customer from start to finish during the design and build process. No detail is too small to ensure the customer’s expectations are met. We produce architecture models, commercial models, industrial models, engineering models, prototype models- really, we can build just about anything you can imagine. Contact us today and discover what is possible!

Topographical and Real Estate Development Model


Producing the highest quality 3D scale model that truly captures the customer’s vision requires a true partnership and attention to detail from initial discussions through to the final design decisions. Listening and understanding the customer is the single most important aspect in a successful project and ending up with a completed model consistent with the client’s vision.

Our model making services are second to none. Whether your need is in architectural models, topography models or product models to display at trade shows, we can help you stand out from your market competition. Our professional model makers are extremely talented and experienced in the designing, drafting and design analysis of every project. We will be with you every step of the way, offering an enjoyable and creative process, culminating with a beautiful 3D model satisfying all of the objectives of your project.

Our incredible staff members are experts in a number of technologies, both cutting edge and old-school. We use the latest machines- 3D printers, CNC milling, laser cutters and the latest software- and combine that with creative, artistic, handmade skills. In combining multiple techniques on every project, we end up with a final product often exceeding customer expectations. There is almost no limit in what can be produced. If you have a vision for the model, we can make it a reality.

Our 3D model makers are capable of handling designs for any industry- architectural, industrial, commercial, engineering, government, marketing, trade shows and prototype models. Each scale model is custom designed and constructed to suit your needs and delivered on time. Whether you are interested in showing your project off at your marketing center, at a trade show or as an educational display, we are here to help!


Model Makers

Since 1984, model builders at  Archetype3D have been serving customer 3d scale model needs. We started making 3D architectural models for the Colorado ski industry and for residential developers. Our company grew to include work building models for architects, real estate, land development, industrial design, engineering, sales and marketing, government, trade shows and prototypes. We have gained national recognition as our 3D scale models and prototypes are now exhibited throughout the US.

We pride ourselves on our impeccable customer service. Our attention to detail in understanding the client’s needs gives us the ability to solve problems and guide clients through the maze of traditional and modern model making techniques.

While we excel in the traditional hands-on model making, we can also create and print durable 3D models using our 3D printer, cut precise parts and pieces using our laser cutters and finish the models using many surfaces texturing and painting techniques. We provide lighting and special effects for many clients using motorized components and computer interactivity. From the simplest mass models to the most elaborate sales presentation models,  we provide each customer with excellent service and communication.

Archetype’s staff is composed of college graduates in industrial design, model building, architecture and fine art. They bring together their specialized training in utilizing modern machinery and craftsmanship to create work suited to each client’s goals.

We are committed to staying in the forefront of modern technical and business developments, ensuring our clients receive the best product and service available in the industry.


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Marc Costain


Marc Costain

Marc is a retired Marine Corps officer, pilot, and corporate executive. During his diverse career, Marc served in various operations, leadership, and management roles, always focusing on the achievement of efficient, high-quality results.


Marc purchased the business in 2017 and using his varied management experience, has continued to grow and refine the organization, leaning on the company’s three decades of producing models while searching for new technologies and procedures for improvement. He knows finding and retaining talented model makers is the key to success.

Marc is a graduate of UCLA and received his masters degree from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. He lives in Denver, is married and has three children attending college. He and his family are very grateful to have chosen Colorado as home after bouncing around the globe with the Marines and looks forward to many more years of enjoying all the state has to offer.

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