About Us

Since 1984, Archetype 3D has been building professional scale models in Colorado. We started making 3D architectural models for the ski industry and for residential developers within our state. Our company has grown to include work building industrial design models, satellite / aerospace models, museum and display models along with courtroom models and graphics. We have gained national recognition as our 3D scale models and prototypes are now exhibited throughout the US.

We pride ourselves on our ability to solve problems and guide clients through the maze of traditional and modern model making techniques. While we excel in traditional hands-on model making, we can also create and print durable 3D models using our 3D printer, cut precise parts and pieces using our laser cutters and finish the models using many surface texturing and painting techniques. We provide lighting and special effects for many clients using motorized components and computer interactivity. From the simplest mass models to the most elaborate sales presentation models, we provide each customer with excellent service and communication.

Archetype’s staff is composed of college graduates in industrial design, model building, architecture and fine art. They bring together their specialized training in utilizing modern machinery and craftsmanship to create work suited to each client’s goals.

We are committed to staying in the forefront of modern technical and business developments, ensuring our clients receive the best product and service available in the industry.

We look forward to working with you in the near future.

Thank you,

The Archetype3D Staff